Springboards And More offers a wide variety of landing pits, fat pads, stretching mats, mushy mats, training pads, practice mats, and crash pads ... almost anything you can think of to make your landing softer and safer!

Keep in mind that most pits and mats can be ordered in multiple colors, including team colors!

And if you need a special mat, one that doesn't fit ordinary dimensions, we can do custom size mats and pits as well –- if you can think it, we can make it!

Mats & Pits - Categories

Landing Pits

Practice Mats

Mushy Mats

Stretching Mats

Fat Pads and Training Pads

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Custom Mats & Pits

Landing Pits, Stretching Mats, Fat Pads, Training Pads

UCS Landing Pit


Norbert’s Landing Pit


UCS Folding Fat Pad


UCS Non-Folding Fat Pad


Norbert’s Folding Mushy Mat


Norbert’s Mushy Mat


Cloud Mat


Sting Mat


The Casuto Mat


Deluxe Folding Incline Mat


Standard Folding Incline Mat


Deluxe Incline Mat


Standard Incline Mat


Norbert’s Folding Practice Mat


Norbert’s Practice Mat