What If Chart

What If Chart


Is it better to score 6’s on a forward 1 1/2 in pike or 4 1/2’s on a forward double tuck? This handy chart was created to help diving coaches quickly decide which dives to use in a competition. Now in an easier to read format including shaded columns.

  • Is it better to score 6’s on a 103B (forward 1 1/2 somersaults pike) or 4 1/2’s on a 104C (forward double tuck)? A quick glance at the “What If” diving scoresheet tells you that scoring 6’s on a 103B will earn more points for the diver than 4.5’s on a 104C.
  • One of our most popular items – the “What If” chart is a must have for every diving coach! The “What If” chart is 8.5 inches x 11 inches and is laminated for use by the pool.
  • COACHNG TIP: Always choose the dive that is more likely to score the most points rather than the dive with the higher degree of difficulty. You will come out of the pool with a positive outlook and more points!


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