Overhead Spotting Rig

Trampoline Spotting Rig – Non Folding Trampoline


Giving a spotter confidence with a stable structure, this heavy-duty spotting rig is made to fit your non-folding trampoline frame for use when ceiling attachment is not practical or possible. This item includes a custom made clamping device to hold rig to the trampoline frame.

  • The customer must submit to us a digital photo and measurements of the trampoline frame attachment point so that the correct sized clamp to attach the spotting rig can be constructed. The customer is also responsible for accurately measuring the diameter of the frame tubing to which the clamps will attach. Please contact us if you have any questions about these two items.
  • Please specify make, model and size of the trampoline when requesting a quote.
  • The spotting rig is constructed of 11 gauge square tubular steel and painted with two coats of paint.
  • The unit will be painted BLACK if no color is specified. Other color options are Royal Blue or coated with a Brown / Rust Primer — that allows you to paint the unit to your School or Club colors if you want when it arrives to you.
  • The unit requires a Spotting Rig Accessory Kit (sold separately) that consists of one 55 foot section and one 40 foot section of high strength 1/2 inch or 7/16 inch nylon-poly (NP) static rope (please specify when ordering this item); one high load Single and one high load Double aluminum alloy pulleys, three Maillon-Rapide 10mm galvanized steel quick links (for attaching the spotting pulleys to the spotting rig); two swivel clips (for attaching the spotting rope to the spotting belt; intended use statement and assembly instructions.
  • The spotting rig features our EXCLUSIVE Triple Failure Protection. Pulleys, rope and quick links are the same items used by Police, Fire and Rescue workers around the world, and all have high minimum tensile strengths and high working load limits.
  • Spotting Belt and/or Twisting Belt are also sold separately.
  • Shipping Dimensions and Weight for the spotting rig are 170″ L x 11″ W x 22″ H. The bundled unit weighs approximately 150 lbs.

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Brown Primer, Black, Royal Blue


Black, Brown Primer, Royal Blue


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