Short Stand Durafirm Bronze Anchor Casting

Duraflex Short Stand Bronze Anchor Casting


A set of six (6) Duraflex Cast Bronze Diving Stand Anchors is used when pouring a new cement pedestal to attach a Duraflex Short Stand to the pool deck.

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  • Each Duraflex Bronze Anchor is “bell-shaped” and measures 4.5 inches Tall and is 1 inch Wide at the Top and 4 inches Wide at the bottom.
  • The Duraflex Bronze Anchor for installation of a Short Stand does NOT include the 5 inch partially threaded bolt that is supplied when setting anchors in a new pool deck where a Duraflex 1M or 3M stand will be installed. When installing anchors in a concrete pedestal for a short stand installation, the preferred method of setting the anchors is to bolt them in place from the TOP where they in effect “hang” inside the forms that are then filled with concrete. Any competent concrete contractor should be know how to do this.
  • If installing a Duraflex Short Stand, six (6) Bronze Anchor Castings are required.


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