SAM’s Spotting Underpad

SAM’s Underpad Belt


A low-cost and very useful addition to all diving and gymnastics clubs. The underpad belt is made of the same material as the Springboards And More Spotting Belt, and is to be used under spotting or twisting belts to make them fit more securely or when a little extra padding is needed for those “in-between” sized. Every club that has spotting belts should have an underpaid for their belts!!!

  • Now features a webbing strap with hook and loop fasteners on the back of the underpaid  that helps to hold the spotting belt in place while in use.
  • Features include tapered ends and a large, heavy duty hook and loop strap for securing the pad around the waist.
  • The Springboards And More Underpad should be used in either a water setting, or a dryland setting, but not both. One size only.
  • SAFETY NOTE: We DO NOT recommend using the same belt for both water and dryland spotting. By using one belt for water spotting and one belt for a dryland environment, the spotter ensures maximum safety for the participant.


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