Portable Dive Station

Portable Dive Station


A Revolutionary diving team item! A portable, heavy-duty mini trampoline that is designed to fit on the edge of your pool deck. It provides an extra station for your diving program. A great tool for teaching somersaults and takeoffs.

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  • Grey unit shown in additional pictures is the olds style and is not longer available.
  • All metal construction and equipped with a “two-string” bed and 6 inch tapered springs.
  • This device is “back-loaded.” The means that it will send the diver forward on takeoff – a nice safety feature.
  • Comes with four caster wheels on the side forays transportation when not in use.
  • This unit is almost always in stock and available for immediate shipment.
  • Approximate shipping and handling charges for this unit vary between $185-225 in the continental United States.
  • The Portable Dive Station is shipped in three packages. The Dive Station Frame, the Dive Station trampoline bed, and the Dive Station trampoline springs and safety pads.
  • Product Dimensions:
    – Length: 50 inches
    – Width: 56 inches
    – Height: 22 inches
    – Weight: 155 pounds (approximate weight of the frame)

Warning: This unit should only be used under the close and careful supervision of a qualified instructor and should only be used in the deep end of the pools that meet or exceed FINA Depth and Distance Dimensions. This unit should NEVER be used in backyard pools where the deep end walls slope to the center. Catastrophic injury including paralysis and death could occur.


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