Mystik JT-6 Grease

Mystik JT-6 Grease


Duraflex Mystik JT-6 is a three ounce tube of clear water resistant grease that fits into the Duraflex Grease Gun (Item PM110). Use this to grease the Duraflex Fulcrum Slide Tracks and to pump grease into the “zerk” fitting (grease nipple) that is found at the base of each Fulcrum Roller Block.

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  • Mystik JT-6 Grease provides unequaled water resistance and protection for greasing fulcrum slide tracks and roller blocks.
  • The grease is highly water resistant, light colored and low staining with very low oil separation rate.
  • Protects under high loads and has excellent adhesion.
  • One 3 oz. cartridge tube of Mystik JT-6 Grease fits into the Duraflex Grease Gun.

Installation Tip: Prior to applying grease to your fulcrum area, use a rag and degreaser product to wipe off any existing grease, grime or dirt on your Fulcrum Slide Tracks. Then, using your finger, apply a THIN coat of Duraflex Mystic JT-6 Grease to all four exposed sides of the Slide Tracks — Top, Outside, Inside and Inside Bottom. Then, put two “pumps” of grease into the “zerk” fitting (grease nipple) found near the bottom / side of each Roller Block Assembly.


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