Duraflex Fulcrum Box Attachment Bolts, Washers And Nuts

Duraflex Fulcrum Box Attachment Bolts, Washers And Nuts


The Duraflex 5/8 inch x 3 inch Aluminum Hex Head Bolt and Nut is used to attach the Fulcrum Box to the Main Support (“Legs”) of a Duraflex Diving Stand.

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  • This item comes complete with TWO (2) 5/8 inch Heavy Aluminum Washers (one goes on top and one goes on the bottom).
  • Three (3) bolts are needed to attach a Duraflex Fulcrum Box to a Main Support (“Legs” of a Diving Stand).
  • Priced per one (1) bolt and nut, and two (2) washers.
  • EXPANDED FULCRUM DIAGRAM – View all the parts of a Duraflex Fulcrum

Installation Tip #1:
 When replacing Fulcrum Box Attachment Bolts, it is common that the older bplt will SNAP or break as you attempt to loosen them from the fulcrum box. Unless you have a large “breaker bar” we have found that sometimes it is easier to cut them with a “cut-off” wheel or SawZaw — exercise EXTREME CAUTION when attempting this!!

Installation Tip #2: After installing the new bolts, washers and nuts, be sure to coat them with “Buff” Paint (Item MP105) to help seal out water and keep these bolts TIGHT.


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