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DonJoy Wrist Wrap Supports


The DonJoy Diver Wrist Wrap Support is perfect for both Platform AND Springboard divers where limitation of range is required in one direction only. (Example: to not allow the wrist to be bent back more than 90 degrees which can easily happen if you “miss your flathand” at 35 miles per hour!!).

  • The DonJoy Wrist Wrap holds up well in water – it is made with a woven nylon outer shell for durability and has a neoprene inner lining for comfort.
  • The wrist wrap has interchangeable foam inserts for variable support and has opposing straps to limit rotation of brace during use.
  • The DonJoy Diver Wrist Wrap Supports are priced PER PAIR. Includes directions for use, care and maintenance.

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