Black Rough Tex Platform Surface

3-Ply Black Rough-Tex


Rough-Tex is an excellent non-slip surface for platform surfaces and other high traffic areas at aquatic facilities. Springboards And More is the leading supplier of “Rough-Tex” Diving Platform Surface in the USA and beyond! All listed Rough-Tex prices are per LINEAR foot.

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  • 3-Ply Black Rough-Tex has a hefty appearance and an extra cushioning effect.
  • All Rough-Tex prices listed below are per LINEAR foot.
  • The product thickness is 9/32 inch and has a temperature rating of 0 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rough-Tex should always be installed in line with the diving platform and never across a platform. If Rough-Tex is installed across the platform, it does not have the same non-skid properties that it has when installed correctly in line with the platform.
  • We recommend that you attach this surface using any of a number of non-water soluble contact cements found at your local hardware store. In addition, we suggest using an edge sealing compound to seal the edges. if in doubt, we suggest that you hire a local flooring contractor to install your platform surface for you.
  • Please Note that there is a $75.00 Minimum Order on all Rough-Tex products. The $75.00 minimum does not include shipping and handling.

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Rough-Tex Width

12 Inches, 24 Inches, 30 Inches, 36 Inches, 42 Inches, 48 Inches, 60 Inches, 72 Inches


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