At Springboards And More we sell a variety of items that support and enhance diving and athletic programs across the world, and many of our items have special purchase requirements and varied shipping methods and costs.

In order that we fulfill our promise to provide the lowest cost possible and that we maintain consistency regarding installation and use of our products, we require a Purchasing Quote for many of our items.

To create a quote for your purchase the customer should add items to their quote using "Add to Quote" button on the product page, similar to adding a product to an online shopping cart. Once a product is added you may refer to your quote list by going to your specific page at My Quote List. A quote is not limited to special items such as diving boards and diving stands, but any item in which the "Add to Quote" is showing.

Once a quote has been submitted, it will be returned to the sender with appropriate changes and if approved by the customer, can then be charged using the online purchasing mechanism, or processed over the phone.

For further information or if you have specific questions, feel free to call us Toll Free at (877) 348-3246 ... or start shopping!

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