Visual Image Coaching Doll

Visual Image Coaching (V.I.C.) Doll


One of the BEST NEW ITEMS for coaches, divers and judges to be introduced in quite a while. The Visual Image Coaching Doll is a 16-segmented figure that is gymnastically and biomechanically correct. Thousands of gymnasts and coaches have used this product and with great results – now it is available to the diving world.

  • DIVERS and GYMNASTS: Show yourself the correct technique for almost any dive before, during or after a practice or a meet. By you personally moving the diver or gymnast figure into the correct position, you are then able to visualize the proper technique and body position over and over! This helps the athlete reduce their fear of new dives or new techniques and speeds up the learning curve!
  • COACHES and JUDGES: Use this visual aid for teaching, reinforcing or visualizing techniques and analyzing correct body segmentation and positioning. The Visual Image Coaching doll is a great addition to spotting clinics, judging clinics; as well as for everyday practice and training.
  • Coaches can also improve the lines of communication with your athlete by showing them exactly what you want them to do and exactly what they are doing!
  • The V.I.C. Doll is constructed of long-lasting laminated plastic with closed-end rivets holding each of the segmented body parts.
  • The Visual Image Coaching Doll is 24 inches tall and comes in various colors that stand out at the pool or in the gym.
  • Available in male or female gender.
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer for that special diver, gymnast or coach in your life.

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