Fat Pad

UCS Non-Folding Fat Pad


The Famous UCS “Fat” Pad can be used by your divers for dryland training, tumbling and skill progressions. “Fat” Pads encourage the development of motor skills at all levels — a must for dryland diving, therapeutic, special ed., physical education, early childhood and advanced gymnastics programs. The soft but firm cushion encourages all levels to join in dryland, gymnastic or recreational activities.

  • UCS Mats are manufactured out of their exclusive 21-ounce vinyl knife-coated nylon and extra high resilient polyethylene that will endure years of rugged use. All “Fat” Pads also include a vinyl extruded nylon breather material to give just the right amount of mat depression.
  • Non-Folding “Fat” Pads that are 8 inches, 10 inces and 12 inches in depth are constructed with vinyl extruded breather mesh fabric on top, and with nylon and polyethylene sides and bottoms. The 4 inch models have a polyethylene top and bottom, with mesh fabric on the sides.
  • Each “Folding” Fat Pad comes complete with eight (8) handles.
  • Colors available are: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Black, Orange and Maroon. If a color is not selected the Fat Pad will be shipped in Blue.
  • The normal “lead time” (date of order to date of shipment) for most pits and mats is 3-4 weeks. Custom orders usually take 4-5 weeks.

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Black, Blue, Green, Maroon, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

Mat Size

4 ft x 6 ft x 8 in, 4 ft x 8 ft x 8 in, 5 ft x 10 ft x 10 in, 5 ft x 10 ft x 12 in, 5 ft x 10 ft x 8 in, 6 ft x 12 ft x 12 in, 6 ft x 12 ft x 8 in


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