Tiger Paw Wrist Grip Inserts

Tiger Paw Wrist Grip Insert Replacement Kit


Over time and with constant use, your Tiger Paw Inserts will wear out and need to be replaced.

  • The Tiger Paw Wrist Grip Insert Replacement Kit comes with two (2) Epi-Foam Inserts and four (4) hard plastic inserts to vary the amount of support. Be sure to specify the correct size needed. Choose from Large (LG), Medium (MD), Small (SM) or Extra Small (XS).
  • The Tiger Paw Wrist Grips were first worn (and still are worn) by many Elite Gymnasts in the country to support the constant pounding on their wrists during training and competition. Our exclusive WATERPROOF Tiger Paw Wrist Grip Support is now worn by many of the top platform and springboard divers in the country to do the same!
  • Product Note:  The XS Insert Replacement Kit contains two (2) Epi-Foam Inserts and ONLY two (2) hard plastic inserts.


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