Square Shim Set

Square Shim Set


The Duraflex Square Shim Set is used when installing a Duraflex Diving Stand (1 Meter or 3 Meter) to a pool deck to help level the stand.

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  • The Duraflex Square Shim set includes FOUR (4) each of THREE (3) different thicknesses of the Square Shims.

Installation Tips

  • Tip #1: There should be at least ONE Square Shim under each “foot” of a Durafirm one-meter or three-meter Diving Stand when installing on a pool deck.
  • Tip #2: Often times you will need more than one square shim under each “foot” of the Durafirm Stand, but The Duraflex Factory suggests that you never stack shims more than 1/2 inch high under any one “foot.”


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