Springboard And Platform Diving – Jeff Huber

Springboard & Platform Diving by Jeff Huber


“Springboard and Platform Diving” by Jeff Huber — Endorsed by USA Diving, this book breaks down each dive while providing expert instruction to improve performance. Includes high quality photos, mental strategies, numerous drills and worksheets making it a great resource for divers and coaches.


Springboard and Platform Diving is the authoritative guide to the sport of competitive diving. Thoroughly researched and painstaking compiled, it covers it all, including coaching, competition, and conditioning.

Internationally renowned coach Jeff Huber has worked with divers at all levels—from novice to Olympian—for more than four decades, and is the former diving coach at Indiana University. Now that lifetime of knowledge, analysis, and expertise is distilled into Springboard and Platform Diving.

Inside you will find comprehensive coverage of every phase of the dive:

  • Forward approach
  • Backward press
  • Takeoff and connections
  • Positions, spotting, and come-out
  • Line-up and entry

Along with detailed instruction, developmental drills, and coaching tips, you’ll discover in-depth coverage on teaching, using skill progressions, and creating annual training plans for each diver.

The definitive guide for coaches and divers, Springboard and Platform Diving has garnered the endorsement of USA Diving. Make it your go-to resource for diving excellence.


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