Scores Please DVD

Scores Please


Finally, a complete diving judging Video! “Scores Please” is the perfect video for those individuals new to judging, and a great refresher for those already involved. This is a MUST HAVE for all diving coaches, judges, parents, and divers.

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Geared towards High School and Summer League Diving, this video not only teaches parents and swim officials the basics of judging diving, but it is also a great reference for divers to understand what judges look for prior to flashing their score.

Topics Include:

  • The six parts of a dive
  • The five categories of dives
  • The four positions used in diving
  • High School rules versus US Diving rules
  • The role of the referee
  • Balks
  • Failed Dives
  • Mandatory deductions
  • Tips from experienced judges
  • 30 minutes / DVD Format


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