Sammy Cool ‘N Dry

Sammy Cool ‘n Dry


Another in our unique line of Aqua Towels, the Sammy Cool N’ Dry is a necessity on the pool deck during practice or competition, and on a hot day this specially made poly-vinyl towel will keep you cooler than your competitors … in more ways than one!

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  • This aqua towel alleviates the need to carry numerous bulky towels to diving practices and meets.

  • The Sammy Cool ‘N Dry measures 13-inches x 17-inches and is made of a high tech PVA polymer material which is highly absorbent.

  • Unlike other PVA chamois products, one side is waffle textured for fast cooling. The opposite side is smooth, great for drying off.

  • When wet, the capillary action of the micropores in the towel allow it to become about 20 degrees cooler than the existing air temperature, which on a hot summer day can be a huge benefit.

  • Order for your whole Team or in bulk for as little as $9.75 for a fundraiser at your next diving meet!

  • Available in FOURTEEN (14) Colors: Fuchsia, Turquoise, Black, Sunflower Yellow, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Light Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Aqua Green, Dark Brown and Desert Tan. Please refer to the Color Wheel above for actual color choice. Includes plastic storage container tube and instructions on care and usage.

  • Be sure to write your name on your Sammy Cool N’ Dry with indelible marker as soon as you get it to help make sure you do not lose it at practice or a big diving meet!

  • To order different colors, you will need to add each colored Sammy individually to your shopping cart.

  • International shipments do not include plastic storage container. Shipments are sent this way so that the towel can fit into a flat rate envelope which substantially reduces the shipping fees. If you would prefer to have the container sent, please make a note in the comments section.

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Cool 'N Dry Color

Aqua Green, Black, Dark Brown, Desert Tan, Fuchsia, Light Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Turquoise


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