Round Shim Set

Round Shim Set


The Duraflex ROUND Shim Set is used when installing a Duraflex “Short” Stand to a concrete pedestal to help level the stand.

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  • This shim set includes both plastic and phenolic material shims.
  • A Round Shim Set includes SIX (6) Phenolic Shims and four (4) each of three (3) different thicknesses for the plastic shims.

Installation Tips:

  • Tip #1: At least ONE Round Shim (usually the phenolic) should be used with every installation bolt and be placed between the bottom of the Durafirm “Short” Stand and the concrete pedestal to which it is attached. More than one may be necessary to help level the stand both front to back and side to side.
  • Tip #2: When assembling a three-meter Durafirm Stand, use at least one plastic shim with each aluminum bolt between the Fulcrum Box and the Main Support (“legs”).


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