Norbert’s Rotator Twisting Belt

Rotator Twisting Belt


This excellent twisting belt is well-designed with the user and spotter in mind. It is built tough for longevity and priced affordably to fit your budget. Now it is easier than ever to ensure that every user is comfortable, secure, and properly aligned and oriented.

  • All Rotator Twisting Belts are offered with the Quick Release Buckle ONLY.
  • Features a precision ball-bearing system that provides smooth and virtually friction free rotation.
  • “Hoist Ring” type side swivels are factory pressed to prevent loosening.
  • This extremely comfortable belt is padded with 1/2 inch neoprene and covered with long-wearing nylon.
  • Sizing:
    Small – 11.5 inch ring diameter (29 cm)
    Medium – 13 inch ring diameter (33 cm)
    Large – 14.5 inch ring diameter (37 cm)
  • Regardless of the diver’s waist size, the twisting belt MUST fit over the diver’s hips. Please refer to the ring diameter measurements above and compare this to the diver’s hip width to determine the correct size.
  • Remember to order Powdered Graphite for use on your twisting belt to keep it spinning fast!


NOTE: This Twisting Belt should only be used under the close and careful supervision of a qualified instructor and is intended solely as a coaching / training / spotting assist device and, as such should NEVER be used to suspend users for longer than a few SECONDS at a time. It is neither designed NOR intended to withstand the stress of extended static suspension, and is not appropriate for use by professional acrobats or other performers unless for training purposes. This is NOT an acrobatic harness. Know your limitations and the limitations of this equipment.

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