Roller Clamp Stud With Lock Nut

Duraflex Roller Clamp Stud with Lock Nut


The Duraflex Roller Clamp Stud works in conjunction with the Roller Clamp Lock Nut (Item SF152) to hold the Roller Clamp (Item 521) in place. PRICED INDIVIDUALLY – the two shown make up what is required on one Duraflex Fulcrum.

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Installation Tips:
 Make sure that the Roller Clamp Stud Lock Nuts are adjusted to the same tightness on both sides to insure a quiet fulcrum that moves smoothly. When “fine-tuning” the tightness, use your wrench to turn the lock nuts 1/4 turn at a time until the correct adjustment is reached. When properly adjusted, you should NOT be able to move the Roller Clamp up or down at the contact point.


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