Portable Dive Stand without Fulcrum

Portable Dryland Dive Stand Without Fulcrum Assembly


A SPRINGBOARDS AND MORE EXCLUSIVE! The Portable Dryland Dive Stand is the latest advancement in the sport of diving! It is a relatively inexpensive way to add another station to your dryland training facility that has limited space or where permanent installation is not permitted or possible. This version DOES NOT come with a Duraflex Diving Board Fulcrum. The Diving Board is sold separately.

This Equipment is for DRYLAND USE ONLY!

  • This product is intended for use as a DRYLAND tool only!
  • Order this model only if you have a Durafirm Fulcrum Box that you can mount to the frame. If you do not have a spare fulcrum box and fulcrum assembly, then you must order the Dryland Diving Stand With Fulcrum Assembly.
  • The Portable Dryland Dive Stand is constructed of heavy gauge tubular steel that is primed to resist rust and corrosion with two coats of Rust-Oleum primer.
  • Stand comes primed in rust/brown if not specified. Optional colors include black or royal blue. Can be painted in any particular color such as school or team colors.
  • The frame measures 28 inches wide and 42 inches high (with a diving board attached). The stand has two wheels on a caster stand mechanism that allows for easy movement and positioning of the dive stand.
  • The dive stand weighs 250 lbs. without the fulcrum; 300 lbs. with the fulcrum and 450 lbs. with fulcrum and diving board.
  • With the fulcrum attached it has a maximum width of 36 inches – if it does not fit through a doorway, simply remove the fulcrum and re-install once inside.
  • We recommend that you use a 1 1/2 inch mat or piece of Rough-Tex or Mondo beneath the Portable Dive Stand for extra stability, especially on a pool deck.
  • The Portable Dive Stand DOES NOT include a diving board.

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Brown Primer, Black, Royal Blue


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