Palmer Spring

Palmer Spring For Gymnastic Spring Floor


Palmer Power Springs are the best product on the market for gymnastic spring floors. If you have been on a gym floor before, chances are that it is powered by Palmer Springs!

  • Each Palmer Power Spring measures 4 inches X 2 inches and comes complete with a T-Nut, washer and screw.
  • As a rule of thumb, one Palmer Power Spring should be used per one square foot of floor — however, for a 4 feet x 8 feet sheet of plywood, using 36 (32 + 4) Palmer Springs is recommended.
  • When ordering your Palmer Springs – see notation on Spring Floor construction below, please specify the thickness of wood you are planning to use when constructing the Spring Floor (usually 3/8″ or 1/2″ but could be 3/4″). In addition, note if you plan to use a “double layer” of wood on your spring floor. These two pieces of information will determine what length of installation hardware is sent with your order. Please add this information in the “Notes” section of your order.

Spring Floor Construction

  • Normal construction of a Spring Floor involves two (staggered) layers of 1/2 inch plywood. Customers looking to create a “heavy-duty” spring floor could consider using a 5/8 inch BOTTOM layer with a 1/2 inch TOP layer. This would be suitable for college-age athletes. There is no need to go beyond 5/8 inch — using two layers of 3/4 inch plywood is overkill and will result in the boards being too stiff.
  • The manufacturer recommends using TWO layers of 1/2 inch BCX Plywood on top of Palmer Power Springs. (BCX plywood is sanded on one side of the plywood panel). For added strength, the layers should be staggered so the top layer covers the “seams” of the bottom layer. OSB Board is NOT recommended because it breaks (shatters) too easily. If you choose to use OSB Board — it is suggested that the BOTTOM layer is 1/2 inch BCX plywood and the top layer is 1/2 inch OSB.
  • The option of using wood screws or bolts (with washers on both ends) to hold together the two layers of plywood depends on the application.
  • 6-foot x 42-foot SPRING FLOOR – To create a 6-foot x 42-foot Spring Floor for Tumbling, the following materials would be needed:
    1. 315 Palmer Springs (308 Needed but should have a few extra on hand just in case).
    2. 21 Sheets of 4-foot x 8-foot x ½ inch BCX Plywood (the wood has to get cut down to 4-foot x 6-foot) – for two (2) layers of staggered plywood.
    3. ONE Roll of 6-foot x 42-foot x 1 3/8 inch OR 2 inch Carpet Bonded Foam.


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