Norbert’s Quick Release Spotting Belt

Norbert’s Quick Release Spotting Belt


Great for trampoline, tumbling, or dry board spotting, these spotting belts feature Norbert’s longer, wider pads and exclusive EZ-sizer adjustment system.

  • The Quick-Release Spotting Belt features a parachute-type quick release system.
  • This “quick release” idea was conceived for large gymnastic programs where numerous athletes were getting in and out of the spotting belt everyday — a real time saver!
  • Available in Two Sizes:
    Small – fits waist sizes 18 in. – 28 in.
    Large – fits waist sizes 24 in. – 36 in.
  • These belts feature THREE “D” Rings which allows the coach to adjust the placement of the rope clips for better spotting control and efficiency.
  • The manufacturer of this item has a 25% re-stocking fee if this item is purchased and then returned for ANY reason (other than product defect or shipping damage).


  • NOTE: This Spotting Belt should only be used under the close and careful supervision of a qualified instructor and is intended solely as a coaching / training / spotting assist device and, as such should NEVER be used to suspend users for longer than a few SECONDS at a time. It is neither designed NOR intended to withstand the stress of extended static suspension, and is not appropriate for use by professional acrobats or other performers unless for training purposes. This is NOT an acrobatic harness. Know your limitations and the limitations of this equipment.

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