Hinge Guts Kit

Hinge Guts Kit


The Duraflex Hinge “Guts” Kit usually will solve the problem of the loud noise coming from the Hinge area when the diving board is bounced. The noise you hear is usually the result of broken or missing Nyliners (Item C209) and / or a moving Hinge Pin (Item C203). The moving Hinge Pin is usually caused by missing or damaged “O” rings (Item C210). The Duraflex Hinge “Guts” Kit includes everything you need to repair ONE HINGE of a Duraflex Hinge Assembly! In order to repair both hinges you will need TWO of these kits.


The Duraflex Hinge “Guts” Kit includes:

Installation Tips:

  • Tips #1: We recommend that you install this repair kit at least once per year or when the Hinge area of your Duraflrm Diving Stand gets noisy.
  • Tip #2: In most cases, the loud noise coming from the Duraflex Hinge Assembly is due to missing or broken Nyliners.


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