Gibson Adjustable Spotting Belt

Gibson Adjustable Spotting Belt


The new Gibson Adjustable Spotting belt fits all shapes and sizes of athlete, allowing for multiple athletes to quickly move out of the spotting environment instead of having to switch belts for each athlete!

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  • The heavy nylon web construction of this belt helps to insure the confidence of the athlete.
  • Two vinyl covered foam pads allow for maximum rigidity and comfort. The belt is completely adjustable to any waist size.
  • A quick-release buckle makes for very fast in and out – great for large diving or gymnastic teams trying to get numbers athletes through their routines or dive list in the safety of the spotting belt.
  • Two 4-inch braided nylon straps with swivel snaps are also included with the belt. This special feature allows for two coaches to “hand-sopt” the diver or gymnast.
  • Please note that the “hand-spotting” straps are NOT to be used with any type of overhead spotting rig or apparatus. These straps are for HAND SPOTTING ONLY and should be removed from the belt prior to attaching spotting ropes from an overhead spotting rig.


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