Fulcrum Slide Track

Fulcrum Slide Track


The Duraflex Fulcrum Slide Track is attached to the Stand Box and allows the fulcrum to slide forward and backward underneath the springboard. PRICED INDIVIDUALLY – one slide track and five (5) installation bolts.

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  • Product Includes: One (1) Fulcrum Slide Track and Five (5) Installation Bolts.
  • All Fulcrum Slide Tracks are made of anodized aluminum.
  • Price listed is for one (1) Fulcrum Slide Track and Five (5) Installation Bolts.
  • Two Slide Tracks are required for each Durafirm Fulcrum Assembly.
  • EXPANDED FULCRUM DIAGRAM – View all the parts of a Duraflex Fulcrum

Imstallation Tip

On the bottom of each Slide Track, there is a “groove” that is offset from the center of the Slide Track. Before installing the New Slide Tracks to your Durafirm Stand Box, make sure that the “groove” of each Slide Track is towards the OUTSIDE of the Stand Box – otherwise, the Tie Plate (Item 522) will not fit correctly.


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