Fulcrum Slide Bearing

Fulcrum Slide Bearing


The Duraflex Fulcrum Slide Bearing is the small flat plastic piece that fits underneath the Fulcrum Roller Block (Item 517) and “slides” across the Fulcrum Slide Track (Item C208A).

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  • The Fulcrum Slide Bearing is one of the most commonly replaced fulcrum parts.
  • This item works in conjunction with Fulcrum Rubber Bumper (Item 515) and Fulcrum Anti-rattle Clamp (Item 516) to allow fulcrum ease of movement noise reduction.
  • Two (2) are required per fulcrum assembly.
  • Priced per one (1) Fulcrum Slide Bearing.
  • Where does the Slide Bearing go – here is an Expanded View of a Fulcrum.

Installation Tip: Apply a thin coating of grease to the entire inside surface area of the Roller Bearing prior to installing to Fulcrum Assembly.


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