Elite Non-Folding Trampoline

Elite Non-Folding Trampoline


A High Quality Non-Folding Training Trampoline at a Reasonable Price!!! The “Elite Trampoline” is the next best thing to a fold up and half the price. If you are looking for the perfect combination of price and effectiveness, this is the trampoline!

  • This new frame is made in the USA and is constructed of heavy gauge steel.
  • The frame sleeves together for easy assembly and cost effective shipping.
  • When ordered with a trampoline bed, the Elite Trampoline comes complete with the frame, trampoline springs, trampoline bed, and 1-inch thick Cross Link Foam Pads that cover from the edge of the frame to the edge of the trampoline bed.
  • The price listed is for the frame only. The drop down box will add an High Performance Poly Bed, Goodwin String Bed or Ross String Bed.
  • When ordered with a trampoline bed the 6 ft. x 12 ft. version comes complete with 108 10-inch Tapered Springs (100 for the bed and 8 for the corners) and the 7 ft. x 14 ft. version comes with 120 (112 for the bed and 8 for the corners).
  • The outside diameter of the assembled  trampolines is  9 feet 10 inches x 15 feet (6×12) and 10 feet 10 inches x 17 feet  (7×14), and each trampoline stands 49.5 inches high.
  • The trampoline spring count is the same regardless of the bed ordered.
  • This new trampoline is designed to use 10-inch Tapered Springs and a string bed, but will accept a High Performance Poly Bed.
  • The Elite Trampoline is also available with 9 inch springs and a custom fit poly bed – Please call for pricing on these items.

Additional Information

Trampoline Size

6×12, 7×14

Trampoline Bed

Frame Only, Goodwin Fusion String Bed, Goodwin Nylon String Bed, Goodwin String Bed, High Performance Bed, Ross String Bed


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