Duraflex 3-meter Diving Stand

Duraflex Three-meter Diving Stand


Don’t trust cheap imitations, the Duraflex Three-meter Diving Stand  is the only competitive diving product that gives springboard divers a chance to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the world, and these stands will last decades with proper maintenance!

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  • Effective 09/01/06, all Duraflex Three-meter Stands include the NEW Duraflex Three-meter Ladder Assembly.
  • Duraflex Three-meter Stands are manufactured of similar and identical components as the One-meter Stands and
    many structural members are interchangeable.
  • All Stand pieces are coated with baked epoxy and all fasteners are corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum alloy with epoxy
    coating, except the deck hold down bolts which are silicon bronze.
  • The Duraflex Three-meter Diving Stand includes the simple 8-point deck anchoring system, which requires no special
    footing and can be installed on an existing deck if concrete is of good quality and no less than 4 1/2 inches thick.
  • All Duraflex Stands come complete with Installation Template and Installation Hardware.
  • The three-meter stand is available in only one model – double guard rails, both sides and manufactured in three different
    heights to accommodate deck level to water dimensions of 0 inches to 13 inches. Be sure to order the correct size using the
    sizing chart.
  • Durafirm Bronze Deck Anchors (for new concrete decks) are NOT included with the cost of a three-meter stand and must
    be purchased separately.


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