Duraflex Stand Installation Washer

Duraflex Stand Installation Washer


The Duraflex Diving Stand Installation Washer is required for any installation of a one-meter diving stand, three-meter diving stand, or short stand.

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  • The Duraflex Brass Stand Installation Washer is available in two sizes (5/8 inch and ¾ inch).
  • Use ONE 5/8 inch Washer with each Duraflex Stand Installation Bolts on a Main Support and use BOTH a  3/4 inch Washer AND a  5/8 inch Washer for all Stand Installation Bolts on a Ladder Assembly.
  • For Duraflex One-meter or Three-meter Stand Installations using  Concrete Expansion Inserts, installation requires Twelve (12) 5/8 inch Washers and Eight (8) 3/4 inch Washers.
  • Stand Installations using Duraflex Bronze Deck Anchors require Eight (8) 5/8 inch Washers and Four (4) 3/4 inch Washers.
  • For Duraflex “Short” Stand Installations, installation requires Six (6) 5/8 inch Washers and Three (3) 3/4 inch Washers.
  • Springboards and More includes FREE OF CHARGE the appropriate number of these washers with any Diving Stand or “Short” Stand Purchase.
  • Priced per one (1) washer.

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Washer Size

3/4 inch, 5/8 inch


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