Duraflex Short Stand – No Guardrails

Duraflex Short Stand – No Guardrails


Duraflex Short Stands provides a solid base for your springboards, and will have less movement than full one-meter or three-meter diving stands. This version of the short stand is best installed on a concrete base surrounded by railings for safety.

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  • A “Short Stand” is a duplicate of the regular Duraflex Diving Stand without “legs.” It is installed onto a poured cement pedestal and can be used for both one-meter and three-meter installations.
  • “Elite” level divers prefer diving on short stands due to the superior stability of the cement pedestal.
  • All structural members of a “Short Stand” are coated with baked epoxy and all fasteners are corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum alloy with epoxy coating, except the deck hold down bolts which are silicon bronze.


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