Duraflex One-meter Main Support

Duraflex One-meter Main Support Assembly


The Duraflex One-meter Main Support Assembly functions as the “legs,” or the base of a one-meter diving stand.

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  • This item is the “legs” of a one meter Duraflex Diving Stand upon which sits the Stand Box (Item SB401C).
  • This item does NOT include a stand box or a fulcrum assembly.
  • If you are planning to use your Duraflex Diving Stand for a dryland diving board, please order the stand with a deck to water level of -0 (0-3 inches).
  • If repairing a “Short Stand”, this piece is not required because a “Short Stand” does not have “legs.” If replacing this item, please specify “dash number” on casting piece to be replaced. There are FIVE sizes to choose from based on deck to water level.


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