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Duraflex Grease Gun


The Duraflex Grease Gun is used to lubricate the Fulcrum Slide Tracks (Item C208A) and Roller Block Assemblies (Item 517) on a Duraflex Fulcrum Assembly.

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  • Each Grease Gun holds a 3 oz. cartridge tube of Mystik JT-6 Grease (Item PM111).
  • Mystik JT-6 Grease provides unequaled water resistance and protection for greasing fulcrum slide tracks and roller blocks.
  • The grease is highly water wash resistant and water insoluble. Light colored and low staining with very low oil separation rate.
  • Protects under high loads and has excellent adhesion.

Installation Tip: Prior to applying grease to your fulcrum area, use a rag and degreaser product to wipe off any existing grease, grime or dirt on your Fulcrum Slide Tracks. Then, using your finger, apply a THIN coat of Duraflex Mystic JT-6 Grease to all four exposed sides of the Slide Tracks — Top, Outside, Inside and Inside Bottom. Then, put two “pumps” of grease into the “zerk” fitting (grease nipple) found near the bottom / side of each Roller Block Assembly.


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