Duraflex Hinge Plate Attachment Bolt and Nut


This Duraflex Aluminum Round Head Bolt and Nut are used for attaching the Anchor Fitting (the Hinge Plate) to the Ladder Assembly.

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  • Six (6) Duraflex Hinge Plate Attachement Bolts and Nuts are needed to correctly install a Hinge Plate to a Ladder Assembly.
  • Priced per one (1) bolt and nut.

Installation Tip: If you go to replace one of these bolts, you should replace all six at the same time. When re-installing the Hinge Plate to the Ladder Assembly, be sure to first insert one of these attachment bolts into the middle hole of the Hinge Plate on BOTH sides. Then alternate the installation of the remaining attachment bolts. If you install all three of these Hinge Plate Attachment Bolts on one side, you will NOT be able to install the three on the other side — it will seem like the Hinge Plate does not fit.


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