Diving Stand Durafirm Bronze Anchor Casting

Duraflex Diving Stand Bronze Anchor Casting


A set of eight (8) Durafirm Cast Bronze Diving Stand Anchors is used when pouring a new pool deck to attach any Duraflex One- or Three-Meter Diving Stand to the pool deck.

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  • Each Duraflex Bronze Anchor is “bell-shaped” and measures 4.5 inches Tall and is 1 inch Wide at the Top and 4 inches Wide at the bottom.
  • The Duraflex Bronze Anchor for installation to a one- or three-meter diving stand includes a 5 inch partial thread bolt for positioning in wet cement as well as a cork plug and short threaded bolt for holding anchor to framing while concrete is being poured.
  • When ordering bronze deck anchors, the Duraflex factory requires that a completed Durafirm Diving Stand Pre-Production Questionnaire be completed prior to anchor shipment.
  • If installing a one- or three-meter Duraflex Diving Stand, eight (8) Bronze Anchor Castings are required.


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