Diving Stand Bronze Guardrail Bracket

Diving Stand Bronze Guardrail Bracket


The Duraflex Bronze Guardrail Bracket connects the “straight” rail to the”curved” rail on Duraflex diving stands.

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  • The Durafirm Bronze Guardrail Bracket is sold as a single item and does NOT include the attachment hardware (Item C207 and associated bolts).
  • The image of the bracket with the Stainless Steel Rail Clamps is used to illustrate how the clamp attaches to the bracket and how the bracket attaches to the rail.
  • In order to attach this bracket, this item requires the purchase of two (2) Stainless Steel Rail Clamps (Item C207) and Two (2) Stainless Steel Rail Clamp Bolts (1/2 Inch, 5/8 Inch3/4 Inch7/8 Inch) — PLEASE SPECIFY which size bolt needed).
  • Effective 1/1/06 Duraflex no longer makes or sells SINGLE Guardrail Packages or Pieces. Now, only DOUBLE Guardrail Packages and associated pieces are available. In addition, the shape of the curved rail is different so if replacing the curved rail from one side of a Durafirm Stand, be sure to replace BOTH sides so that they match.


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