Diving Stand Aluminum Guardrail Bracket (Right)

Diving Stand Aluminum Guardrail Bracket (Right)


The Durafirm Guardrail Bracket allows for the attachment of Durafirm Guardrails to the back of a Durafirm “Short Stand” where previously there had been none. Includes installation hardware.

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  • This item fits the right side of the back anchor fitting
  • The customer may need to drill holes into their Short Stand Back Anchor Fitting to install this piece to their Diving Stand.
  • Make sure to order extra Durafirm Stainless Steel Guard Rail Attachment Clamps (Item C207), Bronze Brackets (Item C206) and Installation Bolts (Item SF117, Item SF118Item SF119Item SF153)! THESE ITEMS ARE SHOWN IN THE PHOTO BUT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE OF THIS ITEM
  • Effective 1/1/06 Duraflex no longer makes or sells SINGLE Guardrail Packages or Pieces. Now, only DOUBLE Guardrail Packages and associated pieces are available. In addition, the shape of the curved rail is different so if replacing the curved rail from one side of a Durafirm Stand, be sure to replace BOTH sides so that they match.




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