Diving My Way

Diving My Way by Dr. Ron O’Brien


Ron O'Brien's “Diving My Way” is a must see for any diving coach. This 1 hour and 45 minute DVD covers Body Alignment and Board Work, Basic Dives and Entries, Somersaulting and Twisting Optional Dives as well as Platform Diving. Dr. Ron O'Brien is a 7 time U.S. Olympic Diving Coach and International Swimming Hall of Fame Member.

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Topics Covered Include:

Body Alignment and Board Work – Correct body posture is demonstrated along with step-by-step analysis of the proper forward approach and backward take off techniques (15 minutes)

Basic Dives and Entries – The basic dives in three body positions are analyzed and demonstrated. The technique of correct entries and how to practice them are explained.d (31 minutes)

Somersaulting and Twisting Optionals – The intricate concepts of take off, balance and mechanics for the somersaulting and twisting optionals is presented in a clear and concise manner. (29 minutes)

Platform Diving – This exciting tape focuses on the take off techniques plus the dives and learning progressions to be performed from the 1-meter and 5-meter platforms. (25 minutes)


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