Diving Board Bolt And Nut

Duraflex Diving Board Bolt And Nut – 5/8 Inch X 3 1/2 Inch


The Duraflex Stainless Steel Diving Board Bolt and Nut are used to install any Duraflex Diving Board to any and all Duraflex Diving Stands. (Attaches diving board to Durafirm Hinges). Two of these “Carriage” Bolts and Nuts are required to install a Diving Board to a Diving Stand.

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  • Springboards and More will include two of these FREE OF CHARGE with all Duraflex Diving Board or Diving Stand purchases!
  •  If your pool or facility has a Duraflex made diving board but NOT a Duraflex Diving Stand, you may need to order Item SF141 (5/8 inch x 5 1/2 inch Steel Board Bolt) in order to attach the diving board to the “pipe” stand.
  • Kit includes: Two (2) Stainless Steel 5/8-in. x 3 1/2-in. carriage bolts; Two (2) Stainless Steel 5/8-in. nuts; One (1) tube of anti-seize bolt adhesive.


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