Portable Dryland Diving Stand

Portable Dryland Dive Stand With Fulcrum


Practice diving without the pool? Yes it is possible with the Portable Dryland Dive Stand. A SPRINGBOARDS AND MORE EXCLUSIVE! The Portable Dryland Dive Stand comes complete with a Duraflex Diving Board Fulcrum, making it possible to practice when pool time is hard to come by. Please Note that this item DOES NOT come with a Duraflex Diving Board which is sold separately.

This Equipment is for DRYLAND USE ONLY!

  • This product is intended for use as a DRYLAND tool only!
  • Constructed of heavy gauge tubular steel that is primed to resist rust and corrosion with two coats of Rust-Oleum primer.
  • Stand comes primed in rust/brown if not specified. Optional colors include black or royal blue. Can be painted in any particular color such as school or team colors.
  • The frame measures 28 inches wide and 42 inches high (with a diving board attached). The stand has two wheels on a caster stand mechanism that allows for easy movement and positioning of the dive stand.
  • The dive stand weighs 250 lbs. without the fulcrum; 300 lbs. with the fulcrum and 450 lbs. with fulcrum and diving board.
  • With the fulcrum attached the dive stand has a maximum width of 36 inches. If it does not fit through a doorway, simply remove the fulcrum and re-install once inside.
  • We recommend that you use a 1 1/2 inch mat or piece of Rough-Tex or Mondo beneath the Portable Dryland Dive Stand for extra stability, especially on a pool deck.
  • The Portable Dive Stand DOES NOT include a diving board.

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Brown Primer, Black, Royal Blue


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