Freestanding Spotting Rig


The Very Best Freestanding Spotting Rig on the market today offers a heavy-duty structure that gives the spotter maximum control for teaching new dives and skills. It can be used over a dryland diving board, trampoline or gymnastic spring floor, and can even be used outside!

  • The spotting rig is all steel construction; painted with brown primer to allow customer to finish coat with school or club colors.
  • Stand comes primed in rust/brown if not specified. Optional colors include black or royal blue. Can be painted in any particular color such as school or team colors.
  • The unit comes complete with one 55 foot section and one 40 foot section of 1/2 inch poly-nylon static spotting rope, two high load aluminum allow pulleys, three Maillon-Rapide 10mm widegate plated steel quick links for attaching spotting pulleys to spotting rig, two swivel clips, intended use statement and assembly instructions.
  • Requires at least four adults to assemble and/or disassemble and lift into place.
  • The approximate width of a Freestanding Spotting Rig is 14 feet 10 inches with both bases “turned out” and 13 feet with both bases “turned in.” The O.D. (Outside Diameter) of the installed cross piece is 12 feet 2 inches and the I.D. (Inside Diameter) of the installed cross piece is 11 feet 9 inches.
  • The height of a fully assembled Freestanding Spotting Rig is 17 feet 10 1/2 inches.
  • The spotting rig features the EXCLUSIVE Double and Triple Failure protection (Shown above). Pulleys, rope, and quick links are the same ones used by rescue workers around the world, and all have high minimum tensile strengths and high working load limits.
  • Spotting Belt and/or Twisting Belt sold separately.


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