Deluxe Fulcrum Guts Kit

Deluxe Fulcrum Guts Kit


A Springboards and More EXCLUSIVE! The Deluxe Fulcrum “Guts” Kit includes everything you need to repair ONE SIDE of a Duraflex Fulcrum Assembly EXCEPT the Roller Block! In order to repair both sides of fulcrum you will need TWO of these kits.


Each Deluxe Fulcrum Guts Kit contains EVERY replacement parts for ONE Duraflex Roller Block. In order to completely repair or a replace an entire Duraflex Fulcrum Assembly TWO kits are needed – one for each Duraflex Roller Block. We recommend that you purchase and install this kit at least once per year in order to keep your Duraflex Fulcrum Assembly in good working order.

EXPANDED FULCRUM DIAGRAM – View all the parts of a Duraflex Fulcrum

The Deluxe Fulcrum “Guts” Kit includes:

Installation Tips

  • Tip #1: A 3/8 inch wrench is needed to remove or install the Roller Clamp Studs from / to the Roller Block. All other nuts and / or bolts on a Duraflex Fulcrum Assembly or Hinge Assembly require a 1/2″ or a 9/16″ wrench.
  • Tip #2: A 15/16 inch wrench is needed to remove, install or tighten all Durafirm stand installation bolts (those that go into the ground to attach the stand to the deck) as well as the carriage bolts that attach the diving board to the hinges.
  • Tip #3: When replacing these Fulcrum Parts, be sure to clean off your Roller Block and Slide Tracks with a degreasing agent before assembling the new Fulcrum Parts on the Fulcrum Assembly.


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