Wood Beam Spotting Clamp

Wood Beam Clamp – Custom Size


If you need to attach clamps to wood beams than are wider than seven inches, then you need custom wood clamps. First measure the width of your wood beam and either submit an online quote with that information or contact a representative from Springboards and More to confirm that our manufacturer can make a clamp to fit your particular wood beam. Once attached to the wood beam, you simply connect your spotting pulleys to the clamps with a quick link.

  • We do NOT recommend attaching wood beam clamps to any wood beam that is LESS than 5 inches wide. Holes must be drilled into the wood beam so that these clamps can be attached to the wood beam using lag bolts that are screwed into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Contructed entirely from heavy gauge cold-rolled steel; each joint is expertly welded and reinforced to resist maximum stress. Beam clamps are electrostatically coated with a deep blue enamel paint.
  • Most overhead spotting applications require two clamps, two quick links, one single pulley and one double pulley. In some rare instances where the spotter must stand a great distance away from the diving board (as in an over the water spotting rig where the diving board is in the middle of the pool), we suggest that you consider adding one more double pulley placed directly above (or nearly directly above) the spotter. It is then much easier to pull the ropes straight down and decrease the chances of being pulled into the pool! In this case, you would need THREE clamps, three quick links, two double pulleys and one single pulley.
  • Beam clamps (and therefore the pulleys) should be placed equidistant apart from the center of the diving board or trampoline and should both be installed at the same height. For spotting rigs placed above diving boards, the US Diving Safety Manual recommends that the pulleys be placed 2 1/2 – 3 feet in front of the tip end of the diving board. The coach should stand directly beneath the double pulley (which for over the water spotting, should be at least five feet away from the edge of the pool).
  • All users of any overhead spotting equipment should know their limitations and the limitations of the equipment they are using. Consult the US Diving Safety Manual or United States Diving, Inc. for more information or to find the date, time and location of a “How To” Spotting Clinic in your area.
  • The manufacturer of this item has a 25% re-stocking fee if this item is purchased and then returned for ANY reason (other than product defect or shipping damage).


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