High Performance Trampoline Bed

High Performance Trampoline Bed – Custom Fit


A revolutionary manufacturing process and weave of the same material used in the standard black poly trampoline beds created this new “HIGH PERFORMANCE” trampoline bed. It has the characteristics and similar slow bounce of a “String” bed but without the high cost AND unlike a string bed, it can be custom made to fit any size trampoline.

  • This new High Performance Trampoline Bed is ONLY available to competitive diving and gymnastics programs.
  • The manufacturer requires that all purchasers of this bed MUST sign a waiver and release form that states that it will only be used under the close supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • This high performance bed is not available for backyard use.
  • Lead time – date of order to date of shipment) for this bed is normally 3-4 days.
  • If this bed is used with 10 inch Jumbo Trampoline Springs, there should be at least a 48 inch clearance under the bed. If used with 9 inch springs, there should be at least a 40 inch clearance. If your trampoline does not have these clearances, you will need to raise the trampoline with blocks or dig out the area beneath the trampoline.


Prior to ordering any replacement bed – including a High Performance Trampoline Bed, please gather the information listed below. When you submit a quote, please include this information or relay it to a customer service representative. The customer IS RESPONSIBLE for accurate information included in a quote as custom trampoline beds are non-refundable.

  • The INSIDE diameter of your trampoline frame in INCHES. Measure from spring hook attachment point to spring hook attachment point for both the long end and the short end of your trampoline (EXAMPLE: 196 in. x 110 in.).
  • Remove one of your springs from the trampoline and measure it from end to end, INCLUDING the hooks. It most likely will be 9 inch, 10 inch or 10.25 inches long.
  • Count the number of spring hook attachment points on your trampoline frame. Simply count the attachment points (welded-on loops or zigzag wire) on the long end and then on the short end – EXAMPLE: 37 (long end) x 19 (short end) – When you double these numbers, it tells you the correct number of Trampoline Springs you should have on your trampoline as well as how many attachment hooks need to be placed on each side of your new trampoline bed. (EXAMPLE: 37 x 2 + 19 x 2 = 112 trampoline springs).
  • Please be VERY ACCURATE with your Measurements! With this information, we can determine whether a Standard Size Replacement Bed (EXAMPLE 6 ft. x 12 ft.) will fit your Trampoline or whether a Custom-Sized Bed (EXAMPLE: 6 ft. 2 in. x 12 ft. 4 in.) is required in order to fit your Trampoline perfectly using the current Springs you have and the Spring Hook Configuration of your Trampoline Frame.


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