Buff-Colored Paint Kit

Buff-Colored Paint Kit


The Duraflex “Buff-Colored” Paint Kit is used to touch-up small areas of a Duraflex Diving Stand, or is used to coat any exposed part of a bolt or nut that goes into a diving stand. Examples are Guard Rail Arm Bolts and Nuts; Hinge Bolts and Nuts; Fulcrum Box Bolts and Nuts and Slide Track Bolts.

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  • The Duraflex “Buff” Paint Kit comes with two 1-ounce bottles and a brush.
  • DO NOT USE “Buff Paint” on the Durafirm Stainless Steel Guard Rail Tubing Attachment Bolts or any installation bolt that goes into the pool deck.

Installation Tips

  • Tip #1: When installing or replacing any bolt that goes into a Durafirm Stand, use Duraflex “Buff” paint to SEAL the area and keep water from seeping in.
  • Tip #2: For larger areas, try using a can of Rust-O-Leum Metal Spray Paint “Almond” Color. It is a very close match to the color of a Durafirm Stand. (Be sure to scrape away any loose paint before applying).


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