AAI Padded Twisting Belt

AAI Padded Twisting Belt


With a new design, the AAI Padded Twisting Belt is now better than ever. This twisting belt will add a new dimension to your dryland capabilities!

  • The twisting belt features rotating rings that are cast of high tensile strength aircraft aluminum alloy,
  • Carbon steel ball-bearings fill the raceway for smooth “free-wheeling” during use.
  • New “cinch-type” buckles are made of high strength forged steel, designed for use in parachute harnesses.
  • All belts come with two 4-foot nylon webbing straps and swivel belt clips that can be used by two coaches to “hand spot” somersaulting and twisting skills.
  • Sizing:
    – Small – 11.5 inch diameter ring size (29 cm)
    – Medium – 13 inch diameter ring size (33 cm)
    – Large – 14.5 inch diameter ring size (37 cm)
  • The manufacturer of this item has a 25% re-stocking fee if this item is purchased and then returned for ANY reason other than product defect or shipping damage. The customer is responsible for insuring that the twisting belt will fit over thighs and hips.
  • Installation Tip: Cut out a circle from a large piece of cardboard that is the same diameter of the twisting belt you want to order. Then verify that the diver(s) can get the “cut-out” up and over their thighs and hips.


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