Steve Voellmecke March 2, 2016 Coaching Diving, Diving Equipment, Diving Facilities, Uncategorized

Cleaning Your Twisting Belt

Legendary diving coach Dick Kimball shares his tips for keeping your twisting belt spinning freely and ...

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Steve Voellmecke February 1, 2016 Diving Business, Diving Equipment, Diving Facilities

What Is That Noise?

What is that loud noise coming from the diving board when being bounced? In most cases, this is due to one of two problem areas: the fulcrum or the ...

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Steve Voellmecke February 1, 2016 Coaching Diving, Diving Business, Diving Competition, Lifestyle

Administering Your Diving Team

Many diving coaches love to coach but do not like the administrative duties that are required to run a successful diving team - but make no mistake, they are ...

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Steve Voellmecke January 8, 2016 Coaching Diving, Diving Business, Diving Competition

The Perfect Diver

It has been said that the "perfect" diver is an orphan with a trust fund! This tongue in cheek joke makes reference to a diver who does not have a multitude of outside influences. ...

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Steve Voellmecke December 5, 2015 Diving Equipment, Diving Facilities

Alaska’s Only Outdoor Diving Board

It might not be the be the best place to hold your college diving team training trip, but if you are looking for a beautiful place to get-a-way for rest and relaxation (and a ...

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